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“Ten years ago, do you think that you and me would be in this position we’re in, in a huge summer movie?

I feel like they would have looked for people that were less unexpected, if that makes sense.

These days, the term “young Hollywood” conjures up images of pouty, plastic starlets being chased down Robertson Boulevard by paparazzi and probation officers, but recently the soulful side of young Hollywood made an appearance at a corner deli on Franklin Avenue.

“Hi Joe,” Ellen Page said with a faraway smile as Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave her a hug.

Neither he nor Page arrived with publicist or entourage in tow — both speak more like New York stage actors than L. celebrities; Gordon-Levitt said that he doesn’t see his participation in a 0-million summer film as a surrender to the mainstream because “Inception” flies in the face of most popcorn-film conventions.

example of someone doing exactly what they want to do,” Gordon-Levitt said. I think that goes to show that more than ever there’s room for quality and challenging things to become popular.

With considerable trepidation, he left the cast and acting to pursue studies at Columbia University.

The time in New York propelled him back toward acting in 2004 with a resolve to work only in high-quality and indie fare.

And I’d say that Ellen and I are also examples.” He looked at Page sitting next to him.

When surveying the crumpled remains of the recording industry, he points out that “there’s really not a lot of crap music making money anymore” without adding the second half of the thought — that pretty much the same thing can be said for great music.

The two actors came to “Inception” in the same way — Nolan and his producing partner and wife Emma Thomas made inquiries and the young stars jumped at the chance to meet the director of In the film, Page plays Ariadne, a gifted young architecture student in Paris who is recruited by a mysterious man named Dom Cobb (Di Caprio) for his corporate espionage team, which invades the dreams of billionaires via a strange contraption and drugs.

“They were simply outstanding,” the director said last year on the London set, “their performances are key to the film and some of the best work I’ve seen.” But more than their work in any single film, Gordon-Levitt and Page are interesting because, in an era when vacuous celebrity and recycled concepts are ascendant, they are talented actors of serious ambition.

Of course, both of them roll their eyes at the expectations and even pretensions that come bundled with that sort of statement — but they also talk freely and articulately about their frustrations with media of the moment and the paradoxes of stardom.

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